Welcome to our Ninja Program!

At Ninja Class, we offer a dynamic and engaging range of activities designed to help aspiring ninjas develop their skills, master techniques, and have a blast while doing it. Our program is divided into three exciting categories

1. Practice Activities:
These activities are all about honing specific skills, refining techniques, and building foundational strengths. We believe in the power of practice to make perfect ninjas. Our practice activities include:
Group Obstacle Runs: This unique experience allows athletes to conquer obstacle courses together, fostering teamwork and mastery of each section.
Calisthenics and Obstacle Practice: Build strength, endurance, and familiarity with obstacle elements through repetitive exercises and drills.
Progression Challenges: Incremental challenges that increase in difficulty, designed to push an athlete’s capability and comfort level to new heights.

2. Games Activities:
We believe that learning should be fun and engaging. Our games are designed to keep the training exciting while still promoting skill development. These activities include:
Floor Is Lava: In this engaging game, athletes must navigate the room as if the floor were lava, avoiding contact with it as they move.
Parkour Tag: A thrilling combination of the classic game of tag with parkour elements. The person who’s “it” must tag others using parkour movements.
Tag Teams: This is a team-based version of parkour tag, promoting cooperation, strategy, and teamwork.
Musical Chairs – Obstacle Edition: We’ve put a twist on the classic game. When the music stops, athletes must find an obstacle to hold onto, making it a challenging and entertaining competition.

3. Competitive Training Activities:
For those ready to take their ninja skills to the next level, our Competitive Training Activities simulate real competitive conditions, preparing athletes for the challenges that lie ahead. This section includes:
Individual Course Runs: Athletes navigate an obstacle course individually, challenging themselves to achieve their best time while maintaining precision.
Ninja Time Trials: Athletes race against the clock, focusing on both speed and technique.
Ninja Vs. Ninja: A head-to-head competition format where athletes compete directly against one another on parallel courses.
Shadow Courses: Athletes run the course with a “shadow” pursuing closely behind. The shadow aims to catch the athlete, adding a sense of urgency and competition to the run.

Join us at Ninja Class, where you can not only improve your ninja skills but also have a fantastic time doing it. Our activities are designed to cater to all levels of athletes, from beginners to advanced. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills or simply enjoy an action-packed day, our Ninja Class Activities Program has something for everyone. Get ready to embark on a journey of skill, strength, and fun!

Ninja Level 1

    Level 1 Ninja Training Program Overview:
    This program is designed to build essential skills and techniques for budding ninja athletes. Emphasizing body positioning, strength, agility, and safety, it lays the foundation for advanced ninja training.

    Level 1 Ninja Training introduces young athletes to the world of Ninja skills, fostering confidence, body awareness, and control. Safety is paramount, creating a structured and supportive learning environment.

    Ninja Skills:
    Goal: Enhance agility, balance, and control through obstacles.
    Highlights: 8ft Warped Wall, 3 Rings, Parkour Skills, Safety Vault, Absorb Drop.
    Safety: Always emphasized, especially during wall descents and station movements.

    Parkour Skills:
    Goal: Efficient navigation of the environment.
    Highlights: Quintuple Steps, Precision Landings, Safety Vault, Absorb Drop.
    Safety: Strict student limits on equipment use and proper ankle strength for landings.

    Calisthenics Skills:
    Goal: Strengthen the body with bodyweight exercises.
    Highlights: Planks, Pull Ups, Pushups.
    Safety: Emphasizing back straight, relaxed shoulders, and proper form.

    Level 1 Ninja Training combines Ninja, Parkour, and Calisthenics skills, establishing a robust foundation. Safety and customized progression/regression paths are integral to coaching. The course test ensures athletes are prepared for the next level of training.

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